Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

An Eventful Day

After a day at work where I got a lot of things done, I went downstairs and out to the garage to assemble the rest of the new lawn furniture so that I can put it out on the patio and dispose of the boxes which are taking up a great deal of space in the garage and making it impossible to find some things we are looking for that have been misplaced there.

I finished assembling the lawn furniture just in time for dinner and as the first period of the Blues / Bruins Stanley Cup Final Game 7 wound up the first period with the Blues leading 2-0. So we tuned in to that.

Just after the second period ended, it started to rain, knocking out our satellite reception. But I found I could stream the broadcast on my phone. And as the third period started, the rain cleared out and the TV came back to life.

And then we let Ruby out.

Apparently, there was a skunk who was about as annoyed by the rain as I was. Ruby caught a blast full in the face. I mixed up some deskunking fluid for Gretchen who was good enough to go try to bathe Ruby the Dog while I watched hockey. Sadly, Ruby did not really *want* to be bathed and the deskunking was not entirely successful. As I discovered later, the downstairs is pretty smelly. We will air it out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Blues won the Stanley Cup, beating the Bruins 4-1.


And tomorrow, Ruby is going to the pet store for a better bath.
Tags: dogs, hockey, home, musings, work

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