Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Not What I Wanted To Do

Julie started what should be her last round of swimming lessons yesterday. This is a good thing, because it is getting her up earlier in the day so that she is on a better schedule for when her new school starts up in two weeks.

However, Julie announced yesterday that she did not want to continue swimming lessons because they were boring. I told her last night that I would turn off her Internet access today if she did not go to swimming lessons.

She didn't, despite Gretchen's best efforts to wake her up.

I have now found the control on my WAP that allows me to permit specific MAC addresses and have added Gretchen's phone, Katie's phone, and my phone. Oh, and the Alexa devices got added in a few minutes ago.

Every other wireless device in the house is locked out.

Julie is now awake and is asking Gretchen, "Why didn't you wake me up?"

We will see what happens next.
Tags: computers, home, kids, musings, tech

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