Bill Roper's Journal
7th-Jul-2019 10:54 pm
Katie was one of the two representatives from her team in today's Crosstown All-Star Game. I ended up helping out with coaching by finishing constructing the positional rotations and who had to sit out in any given inning while the manager conducted drills for the girls from eight different teams. (With sixteen players, six had to sit out from the field in any given inning, although the lineup always bats all sixteen. That's a *lot* of girls sitting out.) And I kept score.

Our team actually looked like they had played together before (contrary to the actual truth of the situation). They hit well, fielded well, and pitched well, winning the game by a final of 25-3.

The inning that Katie played first, she was involved in two nifty plays -- one scooping a thrown ball out of the dirt for an out, the other receiving a throw after a caught line drive to turn the double play. And she drew two walks and scored two runs, being retired on a line drive to third in the middle at bat.

The weather was gorgeous.

It was a nice way to end the season. :)
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