Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


We didn't even notice this when it actually happened, but when I walked out in the garage a few days ago, I noticed that several containers and boxes had taken a dive off the top shelf on the side of the garage that is still full of assorted stuff. They probably weren't balanced well, as they sit on a package of extra roof shingles, but they had seemed stable.

Well, not so much.

It was miserably hot out today, so I didn't want to do a *lot* of work in the garage. I did reduce some of the empty boxes that had been on top of the pile to a garbage bag full of styrofoam and cardboard for recycling, having decided that they were no longer required. Then I adjusted the shingles so that things put up there would be more stable and consigned a container full of decorations back up on top.

One container had popped open and spilled things everywhere, so it is going to require some more work.

Maybe when things are cooler.

Or, given the weather forecast, sooner than that.
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