Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Falling Toward Orion

daisy_knotwise and I finished recording all of the scratch tracks for Falling Toward Orion except for the two duets (which will require a bit of dashing between rooms). I may yet re-record the scratch track for Not Everybody Dies, but that's for another day. The tentative running order is:

New Frontier
Make a Trade
The Colors of You
Shades of Gray
Look At Me
Winter Waltz
Not Everybody Dies
My Husband, the Filker
You Are My Life
Falling Toward Orion
Far Horizon

It looks like it'll be right around sixty minutes running time. It's really interesting to look at the length of the various tracks, because you don't always realize how long these things are. Including ten to fifteen seconds of count off, the longest track is 6:19; the shortest is 1:37.
Tags: filk

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