Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

I Hate It When I Do Dumb Things

So last weekend, I was working on preparing dinner while Gretchen was out with the girls. In an unoccupied moment, I glanced at the refrigerator and realized that I had not yet -- as requested -- changed the water filter for the fridge. Well, I had those in the cabinet, so let me grab a new one. It's sealed in plastic wrap, but I grab the kitchen shears, cut it open, and set it on the counter. Got to remember to remove the cap before installing it.

Something else on the stove needs tending. Ok, let's take care of that. Good. Now, open up the fridge, unlock the old filter -- why is this being balky? -- and *now* it comes out. Time to get that new filter in and get back to fixing dinner.

Shove the new filter in and twist. It won't go in the last inch or so. Shove and twist. Shove and twist. Pull out the filter and look at it. Seems to be fine. Look in the hole in the refrigerator.

You may have noticed that I missed a step here. That would be "remember to remove the cap before installing".

The cap is now jammed into the mechanism. Oh, great.

When Gretchen got home, she grabbed the enormous long tweezers, but there was no way to get a grip on the cap to remove it. This was bad.

I went to the store later that evening and bought sugar-free gum. Gretchen chewed gum. Gretchen chewed a *lot* of gum over the next several days, because it takes a lot of gum to fill the cap. Sadly, the gum will not adhere to the cap.

I ask if Gretchen can find the super glue. She does and I put a bit on the end of the tweezers and try to convince it to stick. It *thinks* about sticking, but there just isn't enough surface area for this trick to work.

Gretchen chews more gum. She takes the now ginormous wad of gum, forms a handle of sorts on one side, and coats the other side with super glue. Now, she jams the whole wad in there with the tweezers.

And we wait. A day and a half or so. I find that I am home alone again.

I take the tweezers and -- after a couple of attempts -- grab the handle and yank gum, glue, and cap out of the refrigerator.

Checking to make sure that no one has put anything interesting on the end of the filter, I install it in the refrigerator.

And the water dispenser and ice maker are working again.

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