Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Persistence of Filking

Prompted by a previous round of colonoscopy, I penned the following very short colonoscopymas carol:

I want a colonoscopy for Christmas.
A colonoscopy is all I want.
Don't want a doll or a pole for catching bass,
All I want's a doctor who will...

This was followed by Gretchen saying, "Thank you, dear."

But it was a long drive to OVFF ahead of today's colonoscopy. And thus we have another very short colonoscopymas carol (to the tune of "Happy Holidays", if it isn't obvious):

Oh, your bowels we will be probing!
Colonoscopy for you!

And Gretchen said, "*Thank* *you*, *dear*!"

I have three to five years before I need to have this done again. That may be long enough for her to forgive me...
Tags: filk, health, home, lyrics, musings

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