Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Progress of a Sort

There were things that I intended to do today, some of which I may yet complete.

In the meantime, I have pushed two loads of shirts through the washing machine and our winter comforter has come out of the dryer and is spread across our bed to give up the last bits of moisture before going into (extremely temporary) storage.

I have thrown out the accumulated lint from the trash can in the laundry room and have disposed of the collection of "may come in handy someday" clothing bits that were saved for cleaning rags, along with the trash from the studio.

Also, the old NAS has been sitting in the basement for quite some time waiting to be powered up and placed back on the network. Observing a clean bit of bookcase, the router, and a nearby power strip, that's now been done. And I've modified my Windows 10 install down in the studio so it can talk to this elderly NAS.

In a few minutes, the first load of shirts will come out of the dryer. :)

It's progress.
Tags: home, musings, stuff

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