Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Into Every Life, A Little Rain Must Fall

The same, however, should not be true of your car.

I went to Hot Dog Island for lunch today, driving through a very few large raindrops and threatening clouds. I pulled into the parking lot to see an absolutely beautiful 1957 black Ford Thunderbird convertible sitting in the lot with one flat whitewall tire and the top conspicuously down. I announced the imminence of rain and the presence of the convertible when I entered the store and was informed that the owner had called for a tow and left the keys with Jerry, Hot Dog Island's owner. Unfortunately, Jerry didn't know how to put the top up on this car.

By the time I left an hour later, we'd only had a few sprinkles. I'm hoping that it either hasn't rained significantly there or that the tow truck has taken the Thunderbird somewhere with a lot more cover.
Tags: musings

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