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Bill Roper's Journal
1st-Dec-2019 08:58 pm
So I have been terribly backed up on songwriting. It's not that I haven't had *ideas* -- I simply haven't had the time or energy to do anything about it. This is frustrating.

The wonderful thing about being at Chambanacon is that it's a relaxacon and there actually *is* time to do something about it. I got mugged by bits of this song while sleeping earlier this week, wrote it at Chambanacon, and had the chance to sing it in the circle Saturday night. It's still rough and it definitely needs a title, which Gretchen is working with me on.

(ETA: And now it's called "Canvas".)

But here are the lyrics:

Words and Music by Bill Roper
Copyright 2019

The problem is real, the solution is not,
And I can’t solve it now with the tools that I’ve got.
The canvas before me is blank as can be
And filled with a picture that only I see.

I’m painting a picture with if, else, and then.
Filling in colors, beginning to end.
And when I have drawn all the paths I can find,
Will the image reflect what I see in my mind?

Rough in the circle to hold and to bind
The dancers with answers who waltz in my mind.
Committed to canvas to hold them in place,
Now fill in the holes in the negative space.

Painting the canvas by touch and by feel.
Creating solutions and making them real.
And you’re watching me work and you swear that I’m blind,
‘Cause you think that the answers are easy to find.

My painting is done now or so I believe.
I study the lines where the paths interleave.
The dancers all frozen in time where they stand
To produce the solution upon my command.

(Chorus and alternate chorus)

I’ve painted a picture with if, else, and then.
Filled in the colors, beginning to end.
I’ve drawn all the paths and I know where they lead
And I pray at the end is the answer I need.

And I pray at the end is the answer I need.
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