Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Blackwood BBQ

I miss T-Bob's BBQ a lot. (I miss the owner, Ted, too.)

We subsequently ate a lot of BBQ up at Smokey Bones at Randhurst Mall. Then they closed too.

This has greatly cut down on my BBQ consumption. We've been to Blackwood BBQ out at Woodfield Mall a few times and -- since the weather was nice today -- I decided to head there for a late lunch.

The problem with this place is that the meat is good, but the sauces are not exciting. I had the pulled pork today, which was a substantially larger serving of meat than the beef brisket. This is not unusual.

They have six different BBQ sauces on the table, which is good. I figured I'd give the mustard sauce a try, since I was having pulled pork, but the mustard sauce is way too much mustard and not nearly enough of anything else. It's too close to eating French's mustard for my taste.

The vinegar sauce wasn't what I was looking for, nor was the Alabama white BBQ sauce.

This cut it down to three: KC (spicy), Chicago (sweet and spicy), and Memphis (sweet).

The KC sauce quickly failed the cut, as there is *way* too much paprika in there. I kept trying to convince myself to like the Chicago sauce and failed, as it *still* has too much paprika. (I mean, paprika at the level where the mouth feel is slightly gritty.) So the Memphis sauce it was. And it wasn't *bad*, but it's not ever going to be one of my favorite BBQ sauces.

But the meat was good, as were the coleslaw and waffle fries.

I still miss T-Bob's.
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