Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Grilling the Subject

The temperature today was in the upper 40s and, although cloudy, it was dry out. Also Mariano's had a sale on porterhouse steak. So we decided to fire up the charcoal grill for dinner tonight.

I opened up the cabinet and pulled out the big lighter and Ruby went nuts. She was barking and prancing around the door, as she apparently recognized that the big lighter means that I am going to go out and put meat on the fire, and I'll be going in and out the door a lot, and she can go out with me, and maybe I'll even throw the ball. (Which I might have done, had she ever produced one.)

This was one excited dog.

Anyway, the steaks were quite good and, being porterhouses, a couple of suitable bones remained, one of which was gifted to Ruby tonight; the other is in the fridge and will go to her later.

All this made her very happy.
Tags: dogs, home, musings

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