Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Equipment Assemble!

I made the pilgrimage down to Micro Center today where I picked up new peripherals for my old computer which I have (mostly successfully) repurposed for Katie. I ended up buying a 27 inch monitor instead of a 24 inch monitor, because it was only $20 more. It looks larger on top of her desk. (It was *not* larger than the car that I tied it to.)

I decided to buy a USB Wi-Fi adapter, because the motherboard adapter only goes up to Wireless G, which is rather antique nowadays and the adapter was only $25. I got her a wireless keyboard and mouse that were cheap and would drive me crazy, but were of the style she wanted. The RAM is coming from Amazon on Monday, because Micro Center doesn't stock much of this antique RAM and it's relatively expensive there.

And I have to remember to replace the motherboard battery so that the flash memory will stop resetting itself.

But it's on top of her desk and working.

And not spread out all over mine. :)
Tags: computers, home, kids, musings, tech

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