Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Timing Is (Still) Everything

So after considerable confusion, Dr. Bob's office faxed me the medical clearance for me to take part in the Out of the Darkness walk for suicide prevention. (I had to check a couple of boxes on the form that make them want a doctor's opinion that I'm not doing something that would be actively dangerous for me.) This apparently required Dr. Bob to have a discussion with someone about faxing things on a timely basis, since it had been sitting in his office since last Wednesday, but it was on my desk at work this morning.

I stuffed it in an envelope and headed downstairs to drop it in the mail. The elevator doors opened, the postman walked by, saw the envelope, and held out an empty bucket that he was carrying toward the mailbox, I tossed the envelope in, then turned around, and took the elevator back up to my office.
Tags: suicide prevention

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