Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Obviously, I Should Get More Sleep

So it was getting late and Gretchen and I were sitting downstairs with Ruby the Dog happily asleep on her bed after a couple of nights in the kennel. I stood up to head upstairs to go to bed and suddenly Ruby is up like a flash as I walk into the kitchen, barking and hurling her ball at me.

Apparently, I am to throw the ball. This is not a *great* surprise, as I am the most reliable ball thrower in the house. (Gretchen also throws the ball, but not as far. K & J have to be bludgeoned into throwing the ball in most cases.)

I pick up the ball, open the door, Ruby rushes out and I hurl the ball into the chilly darkness. I figure Ruby will turn around and run back in, but she starts circling.

"No, Ruby, come in!" Then she stops and squats.

"Yes, Ruby, go ahead and pee before you go to bed. That's what *I'm* going to do."

I turn to Gretchen and say, "I probably shouldn't be shouting that out the back door at this hour of the night. It'll bother the neighbors."

"Oh, by now, the neighbors have given up being bothered."

Probably true.
Tags: dogs, home, musings

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