Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Short Mileage

I took Ruby for a short walk tonight. Unfortunately, this was one of those cases where everything was going wrong. Before I got out the door, I went to zip up my winter jacket and the zipper pulled loose at the bottom of the coat. It's probably repairable, but meant that I couldn't zip it up in the cold weather. Well, there was always the light jacket.

Did I mention that it is *way* too cold for the light jacket?

But Ruby got out on the front porch on her leash and was the most excited dog on the planet. We walked to the end of the block and back, which was about as much cold weather as I could stand in the light jacket. We got back about the time that Gretchen was leaving to run out and pick something up for Julie at a drive-thru. Ruby likes riding in the van, so I turned her over to Gretchen.

Sadly, Ruby had injured her paw earlier in the day and it had bled quite a bit. It didn't seem to be bothering her at all before or after the walk, but it opened up again in the van, so she'll likely need to see the vet in the morning.

But she *really* enjoyed her walk.
Tags: dogs, home, musings

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