Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

News At 10

I made less progress on coding at work today than I might have due to a surfeit of meetings and landing an appointment with my optometrist for late in the afternoon. Since she's only seeing patients on Mondays now and I called this morning, it was a good break, but it's an hour drive each way to Evanston, so it ate up the remainder of the afternoon. The good news is that my eyes continue to be fine (if myopic). The bad news is that the dilation hasn't quite finished wearing off, so things are very bright.

In other news, Ruby the Dog's bandage was scheduled to come off today. She has, however, been resistant to this concept, so the bandage is still (mostly) on her leg. This may change by morning, as there a gap at the top for her to work at.

I'm still coughing up the remains of the flu, but it's getting better. Gretchen remains two days behind me on the recovery profile, which is at least two days further back than she'd prefer to be.
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