Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Chasing the Stick

We have a small silver laser pointer that we refer to as "The Stick That Makes The Fly Dance". It turns out that Ruby the Dog really, *really* likes to chase the little red dot (a.k.a. "The Fly") around. She *knows* that it comes from the stick, but this does not reduce her amusement with the process. It's fun to watch and it tires her out, both of which are good things.

I had let Ruby out on the way to bed. I went to the refrigerator and removed my Bydureon pen to carry it upstairs to warm up before taking my weekly injection. Because it is supposed to be kept horizontal until you are ready to shake it and use it, I was carrying it carefully in the correct position as I opened the back door to let Ruby back in.

Ruby took one look and decided that I was carrying The Stick That Makes The Fly Dance. She became *greatly* attentive, bouncing around in front of me, and trying to jump up and grab the stick.

This is not a great idea with the laser pointer, but it is an especially bad idea with my meds.

She eventually got in front of me on the first landing of the stairs. I gave in and called to K to find the *real* stick and entertain the dog for a bit.

It is now very loud downstairs.

But Ruby should sleep well.
Tags: dogs, home, musings

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