Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And Here We Are

I had decided that I was going to go on a grocery run this morning. There was still no toilet paper, although I expect that situation to start correcting itself next week, because people are going to run out of places to put it. We still have about two dozen rolls scattered about, so we are not in immediate need, but we will be soon.

It turns out that this morning was a good time to go pick up a few things, because this afternoon, the Governor issued a shelter-in-place order starting late tomorrow afternoon. From what I understand, this set off another avalanche of trips to the grocery stores -- and the liquor stores! -- but the required behavior is very little different from what we've been observing in our house for the last week, so as long as I can get out and restock groceries as required, we should be ok.

But there's a story. See, Gretchen and I are fond of pecan pie. The kids can't stand it. This means that we are not inclined to make it for dessert, because all it does is annoy the younger generation. I used to be able to get the occasional piece of pecan pie from Baker's Square, but all of the ones in our neighborhood have closed, so that trick doesn't work any more.

Mariano's would happily sell me half of a pecan pie, but Mariano's puts sulfited coconut in their pecan pie, which means that I cannot have it, since puffing up like a balloon from a sulfite reaction is even worse for me than the amount of sugar in the pie.

Sam's Club makes a lovely pecan pie. It is, however, huge. It is more pecan pie than should be allowed in this house.

In honor of the coronavirus, I purchased the "We're All Going To Die" pecan pie from Sam's Club and brought it home, because I have reached the point where I have concluded that we deserve a treat.

We had modest slices of pecan pie for dessert tonight. It was quite good.

There is still a metric ton of pecan pie remaining.

I am sure we will figure out what to do with it.
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