Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Clock Stopped

So how are things around here?

My self-winding watch has stopped.

Stop laughing.

I actually have a very nice Seiko Kinetic watch, which stores the energy of movement in a tiny capacitor. Unfortunately, the capacitors have a finite lifetime. I have already replaced this capacitor once and it is apparently time to replace it again, as it will only run for about three hours when I take it off at night.

That is, if watch repair shops were an essential business.

I could *probably* figure out how to repair the watch myself -- I have watched the YouTube video on the subject -- but I would rather not kill my nice watch through ineptitude, so it is sitting on my dresser waiting for a chance to be repaired.

My wrist feels very naked.

And I keep looking at it to check the time.

Which is apparently two hairs past a freckle.
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