Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


Gretchen and I collaborated on making cinnamon-roll monkey bread this morning, along with baked bacon and assorted eggs for breakfast. It was a lot of breakfast. It was a *lot* of bacon.

The weather today was remarkably better than forecast, which made us (and Ruby the Dog) very happy as the back door could stay open most of the day. This was especially helpful when the monkey bread leaked butter onto the bottom of the oven and triggered the smoke alarm. Multiple times. With two calls from the monitoring service.

I caught up on the accumulated newspapers going back to Tuesday. Normally, I read these when I go out for lunch. That has not so much been happening lately. There's also the problem that the newspapers don't actually contain any *news* at the moment. But there are still the comics...

Dinner was ham steak, potatoes au gratin, corn pudding, Hawaiian salad, and a loaf of nine-grain bread that I picked up at the store yesterday.

And my sister, Judy, called today, while brother-in-law Jeff called yesterday, so we had some conversation with adults from outside the household, which is a good thing.

That's pretty much all of the news from here at a time when no news is good news.
Tags: easter, home, musings
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