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Bill Roper's Journal
Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? 
30th-May-2020 10:55 pm
It is possible that a great many seemingly contradictory things can all be true at the same time.

Today was pretty relaxed for us. Gretchen and I went out to a drive-in and picked up some lunch, which we ate in the parking lot on this beautiful day. When we got back, I turned around and went to Sam's Club to buy a new portable phone system to replace our existing one, where the various receivers had become cranky over the years. Two of them had out and out died and been replaced by refurbs. One is missing somewhere and Gretchen thinks it will not be found until the house is demolished. She may be right.

The new phones were put in place. Then we watched the recording Gretchen had made of today's successful Crew Dragon launch. The footage was amazing. I remember the old "animated" footage from Gemini. This was better. *Lots* better. 🙂

Later, we boiled up some hot dogs for dinner and watched some "Last Man Standing". Then we headed out to Andy's for custard. Despite it having turned rather cool this evening, it was apparently a very popular idea, with the drive up line wrapping around all the way to the street. The walk up crowd was also large.

But the custard was good, as was the drive.

We are lucky to be in this place.
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