Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Batman Begins

Oh, it certainly does.

daisy_knotwise, Sam, and I went to see Batman Begins tonight. The final score: the two comics geeks and the long-suffering wife of a comics geek all liked the film a lot. Given that the story was written by David Goyer, who is one of the folks responsible for the Justice Society's renaissance in the comics, that shouldn't be a great surprise, I suppose.

Without getting too spoilerish, this is a film where everything works, even the things that you think they've gotten wrong and then it turns out that you've underestimated the writers. Christian Bale is a fine Batman/Bruce Wayne, Michael Caine is a perfect Alfred, and the rest of the cast is just fine, thank you very much (including Morgan Freeman, playing a fine Lucius Fox).

Gotham looks an awful lot like Chicago and since much of it was filmed here, you'd expect that. The trains in Gotham are a lot more interesting than our El, though.

I like the fact that Batman's got a bit wider support network here than he did in the earlier Batman films. I like the fact that we don't deal with multiple, disconnected villains here the way that the previous Batman films did. I like the fact that this is all frighteningly plausible.

Even if it is a comic book. :)
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