Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Will It Go Down the Dog?

No bonus round this post, but let's briefly revisit Down the Dog and discuss a few things that did *not* go down Ruby the Dog.

Gretchen was eating some fake crab meat for lunch the other day. Ruby was waiting patiently in front of her, so Gretchen pulled out a bit of the crab meat from the package and gave it to her. Ruby quite politely took it and placed it on the floor. She then proceeded to ignore it for what would have been the rest of time had we not decided that we did not want a piece of fake crab meat on our floor for quite that long of a duration.

Several weeks ago, I went to pick up breakfast at McDonald's. For some inexplicable reason (as in, they goofed), we found an order of McDonald's hash browns in the bag. I have been convinced that I don't care for these, despite their resemblance to tater tots, which I *do* like quite a bit. I figured why not try one and was immediately remembered why I don't like them. They may look like an oversized tater tot, but they don't taste like one.

Well, Ruby was there and there was one remaining hash brown, so I handed it to her. Ruby took it and then proceeded to walk around the house whimpering in the way that she does when she has something that is nominally food that she *really* doesn't want to eat.

Eventually, she wandered back to join us in the living room, still carrying the hash brown. We held out the empty wrapper from a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and Ruby *immediately* dropped the hash brown so that she could lick out the empty wrapper.

And there you have it. McDonald's Hash Browns: less appealing than an empty McMuffin wrapper.

Just ask Ruby.
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