Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Con Man

Lots of convention business today. Had the first Capricon meeting since they announced earlier this week that they planned to go virtual for 2021. We finally were able to announce for Windycon that we'd reached an no-harm-no-foul agreement with the hotel to cancel this year's Windycon.

I finally broke down and bought a cheap Chinese webcam. It seemed to work ok today once I rebooted the computer, which was encouraging, as I am having *way* too many online meetings.

Other than that, I caught up on nearly two weeks of newspapers. And I shallow fried the remaining frozen cheese sticks for dinner tonight, which got them out of the freezer to make room for something else.

Having preserved the oil for future use, I'm thinking of tater tots. :)
Tags: capricon, cons, home, musings, windycon

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