Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Solving the Math Problem

So I've been trying to sort out a problem with one of my calculations and failing. The problem is that the calculation exists in both our C++ and Java code, but there's no UI to vary the inputs on the Java side, so it's really much more convenient to test this on the C++ side. Of course, we have no unit test framework for C++...

I ported all of the utility routines over to the Java side and wrote unit tests for them. Whenever I saw an error in the results on the C++ side, I'd go add another case or three to the Java tests, figure out what was going wrong, patch the Java code, patch the C++ code, and go run another case on the C++ side.

After a couple of cycles of this, everything worked.

Tags: c++, java, musings, work

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