Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Yesterday, it took three of us to get my VM installation configured correctly so that I could communicate with the new remote database that replaces the old remote database that someone managed to trash. (Ok, it took two of us to do that; then it took another person to figure out why my local Essbase installation wouldn't start. Now, at least, I can start it from the command line.)

Earlier today, I started trying to open up a model in the web app on my VM, but some of the code I had changed to work with a different JSON library was misbehaving, because JsonGenerator in the original library and JsonGenerator in the new library are less than completely compatible. Fine. After a couple of abortive efforts, I fired up the unit test code, found all of the places that were failing, and fixed them.

Ok. Now let's go back to the web app. Which won't start up.

Because the connection to the new remote database -- which was working earlier today! -- is no longer working.

I have sent out a couple of emails, one on a fairly wide distribution.

We'll see what the response is.

I, however, have had enough for today.
Tags: musings, work

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