Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Weekend Update

Today, at Gretchen's urging, I pulled out my guitar and spent some time playing, which is something I've done very little of lately. I played a bunch of my own stuff, along with some Paul Simon, John Denver, Steve Goodman, the Beatles, and other assorted bits and pieces. It was sort of "anything that I can remember".

And then Gretchen suggested that practicing "Apology" for the Pegasus concert would be a really good idea, so we did that. Once I remembered the chords, it was fine. :)

Very late this evening, Julie wanted to go over to the deserted skate park and -- since tomorrow is a day off from school -- we took her. Unfortunately, although the ramps didn't feel wet to her, there were scattered slick spots and she eventually hit one and wiped out. She's got a couple of nastily scraped knees, but it doesn't look like anything worse than that, which we are thankful for.

And that's how it went today.
Tags: guitar, home, kids, musings

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