Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Making Lemonade

In the absence of Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, I have been drinking a lot of low-calorie lemonade to fill the gap in the evenings. Crystal Light Lemonade turns out to be really good.

Then Walmart ran out of it and starting substituting their house brand. It is not as good as Crystal Light, but it is acceptable.

Then Walmart ran out of the house brand. Oops. A trip to Mariano's turned up Crystal Light Pure Lemonade mix on the shelf, which is sweetened with stevia instead of whichever mishmash of artificial sweeteners are in the usual stuff. I bought a package to give it a try.

I do not like it nearly as well as the regular Crystal Light. It tastes much less like lemon, in my opinion.

Well, that stinks.

Then I went on an Amazon search and found that I could get the regular Crystal Light through the Amazon Fresh program. I just had to order $35 worth of groceries to get free delivery. Well, Gretchen needed some tea and some freezer bags.

And I needed 10 cans of Crystal Light Lemonade.

I have enough lemonade now to last for months.

This makes me happy.

And less thirsty.
Tags: food, home, musings

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