Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


I had run out to pick something up before heading off to bed. I pulled the car into the garage and hit the door closer in the car, because that's not a bad idea, especially just in case Ruby the Dog decided to make her second escape of the day. (Earlier in the day, the lawn guys had shown up before we could get her back in the house. *whoosh* goes the dog out the open gate...)

The garage door hit bottom and then I heard *spung*!

This produced a moment of "What the heck?" followed by a bit of inspection that indicated that the garage door had blown a spring. I have called the number on the door and they'll have someone out here tomorrow between 9 and 11 to fix it.

I am wondering what will decide to break next...
Tags: home, musings, repair

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