Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

This Was Not a Good Day

The day did not start out well for reasons that are not mine to share, although I suspect a number of you are aware of them.

Work was a train wreck. Fixes that I had made in one branch don't seem to be working in another branch. In a different area, our working code was ported up to Visual Studio 2019 where various event handling interactions with the software from another group at work are simply failing for no apparent reason. I finally got the attention of someone in the other group around 5 PM, I think, and then we worked on it until 8 PM on a Friday night, finding numerous things that we tried that do not actually fix anything. We can try again on Monday. I *was* informed that the other group couldn't be expected to change anything to make this work. I am not thrilled by this.

But the little cherry on top to make everything more fun was getting an email back from Universal Audio informing me that getting an RMA from them for my busted Apollo interface will not actually do any good, because they are closed due to COVID-19 and don't know when they will reopen. They have given me the web address of a shop in California that *may* be able to do the repair. I should have called them today to talk about it, but see above.

Let's try again next week, shall we?
Tags: home, musings, rant, work

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