Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Weekend Update

Not a lot to report today. Halloween decorating proceeds apace. Some laundry was laundered.

And a *second* dog toy was flung (accidentally) onto the roof today. We are hoping to recover them when they come to clean the gutters out in about a month.

In other news, both the furnace and chimney were checked out on Saturday morning. The heat was turned on Saturday night, because it's been getting cold around here. Meanwhile, I need to go down and cut down the scrap wood from the fence. It's old untreated cedar. It should burn nicely.

And I pulled out the guitar. I played a number of songs, including "Apology", because practice is a good thing, especially when you're pulling it out direct from memory with no cheat sheets. Other than the complete crash and burn at the beginning of verse three when Ruby came trotting by with one of her new dog toys and distracted Gretchen completely, it went pretty well.

Maybe we should put Ruby in her kennel for the concert...
Tags: dogs, home, music, musings, pegasus
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