Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Blame the Cat

It seems only fair. After all, Bilbo started it.

daisy_knotwise had to work in Harwood Heights this morning to cover for a coworker who had a death in the family. I went out for a five-mile walk as part of my training for the suicide prevention walk next month. I'd planned to go farther, but the weather today was brutally hot and humid. (And still no rain. I need to water the trees.)

After lunch, we went down to the basement to get a few things done. The first was transcribing a tape of an obscure band named "Enormous Richard" from cassette to CD for Dave McCarty. That was a set it up and let it run project, which I'll finish cleaning up later.

While that was playing, we tackled the really annoying project. Last week, we'd finally figured out where the smell of cat pee in the basement was coming from. Apparently, when Bilbo had peed in the register in the dining room, some had run down the outside, and some had leaked through the joint in the vent. Fortunately, it hadn't gotten on anything and caused damage, so I got up on a ladder and washed the outside of the vent; then stripped off the duck tape (pee-yoo!), washed again, and retaped the vent. Gretchen cleaned up the bit that had gotten to the floor.

Then we started sorting out the mess that our basement has become. I mostly disposed of empty boxes, rearranged things on shelves, and made space. Gretchen sorted through several boxes of hers and disposed of some stuff that "will be useful someday", but hadn't managed to become useful in the nine years we've been in the house.

It's not yet good down here, but it's getting better.

The garbage men are going to hate us.
Tags: cats, gretchen, home, suicide prevention

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