Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Fun (And Brisket!)

Gretchen organized a family expedition out to the Trail of Terror in Elgin tonight. K had been with some of her friends last week and returned with a favorable report, so Gretchen thought we should give it a try, because things to do that are fun are in short supply for the last six months or so. And it was a good time and traffic was light, so it worked out nicely.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I'm here to talk about BBQ sauce.

I have a whole bunch of lovely leftover beef brisket. Some of this will be consumed with no sauce at all, but I would really like to put the right barbeque sauce on it and have at.

Normally, I would just use Sweet Baby Ray's, which is a perfectly acceptable sauce, but I am bored. It used to be that I could get BBQ at T-Bob's and use Ted's sauce; or I could go to Smokey Bones and pick one of the sauces there; or I could go to the Rack House and try their BBQ sauce.

All of those places are closed permanently.

And the places that are open for carryout in my neighborhood don't have a BBQ sauce that is going to become my favorite, especially after I carry the food back home.

So sometime in the next day or so, I am going to the BBQ sauce section at my local Mariano's and I am going to come back with a suitable sauce for some of this brisket. I hope.

You can help!

I am going to eliminate major national brands off the top, so no KC Masterpiece, Kraft, Open Pit, or the like.

This is beef, so I want a sauce that is tomato-based, skewed more to the vinegar than the sweet side of sauce, because a sweet sauce is likely to be too similar to Sweet Baby Ray's. Paprika is fine, but too much capsaicin is right out. I want to taste the meat, not acquire chemical burns.

Oh, and the sauce should not be too thin. I would like it to stay somewhere in the vicinity of the meat.

Yes, I'm very demanding.

What sauce am I looking for?
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