Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Grocery Shopping

This afternoon's festivities included 2.5 hours of grocery shopping at three different places. It would have been two, but there were no uncooked turkey breasts at Sam's Club (expected) or Mariano's (not expected), which meant an additional side trip to Jewel where first inspection found no turkey breasts, but a trip to the far side of the store found the freezer full of assorted turkeys, including the much-desired turkey breast.

This is good, because while rib roast is absolutely delicious, it is not what we had planned to have for Thanksgiving. :)

Also worthy of note: Children's Claritin is roughly half as expensive at Sam's Club as it is at Walgreens.

In other notes: large bags of dog food are heavy.
Tags: home, musings, shopping

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