Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
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Last night, at the Chambanacon open filk, I got to try out a new piece of kit. I picked up a second Focusrite Scarlett Solo to try to get the studio up and running in the absence of my Apollo unit (which I still need to send in for repair). But within two days of the time that I ordered the Solo, the big Focusrite Scarlett unit that I really wanted came back in stock, so I ordered that, which meant that the Solo was surplus. So I brought it up to the office, installed the drivers, and used that and one of my decent mics for the Zoom filk. I'm told that it worked well, which is encouraging.

In other techie news, Julie's latest hand-me-down phone has started to fail, with a line of pixels that's permanently on near one edge of the screen. This annoys her greatly when watching videos (which I can understand), so we decided to work on a replacement for her. It seems that she would prefer to get Gretchen's current phone handed down to her. Thus, I checked the Black Friday sales and grabbed a new Moto G Power for Gretchen. The new phone arrived today, I verified that the existing SIM would work in the new phone, and I swapped it in.

The new procedures for setting up the phone were quite nice, as we made the Bluetooth connection to the old phone, and copied everything over. Apps and updates are still downloading, but overall, this was pretty painless.

Later, we'll see about swapping Julie's phone...
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