Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And Then...

I finally finished the computer upgrade in the studio this afternoon. The now-surplus spinning NAS disks have been inserted into the empty slots in the Synology NAS, where they can supply some more storage.

It was good that the computer decided to behave, because the wind took out two sections of fence last night and Ruby escaped into the neighbor's fenced yard. Happily, K and I were able to bungee our collapsed post to a post on the neighbor's chain link fence which *should*, I hope, keep everything standing until things thaw out. If not, I'll try the next thing...

It is time to go back upstairs and finish wrapping Christmas presents.

If Christmas is your holiday, have a wonderful and merry Christmas.

And, if not, have a good time anyway. :)
Tags: christmas, computers, dog, home, musings, tech

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