Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Round and Round

It was back to the doctor's office today for one more test that I was able to schedule after yesterday's physical. We'll see how the results are, although since they didn't say "Go to the hospital immediately!", I'm assuming that they didn't find anything awful.

I got to the office *really* early, because we got snow and ice last night and I wasn't sure what shape the roads would be in. Happily, they were in good shape, so I spent the extra time reading the Internet and listening to music in the car.

Before I left, I shoveled about a third of the driveway to get this stuff off it before it had a chance to freeze solid. With about four inches of snow followed by freezing rain, things had compacted down to about an inch of very heavy, but loose ice. I think this weighed about the same as a foot of snow. Ick.

Julie came out and helped me clear things when I got home after lunch, which was nice, because it meant I wasn't doing this all by myself. I think K was asleep. :)

Anyway, I see that I am rapidly running out of year. I'll have to figure out what we're doing tomorrow night. Gretchen requested that I pick up some champagne for her at Sam's Club tomorrow. I told her that I would get it at Mariano's. She doesn't need a Sam's Club sized bottle of champagne for herself and I can't help dispose of it because of my sulfite allergy. :)

One day to go!
Tags: doctor, home, musings, weather

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