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One of the other things that happened while I was working on cleaning up my desk was that I found three albums that Gretchen bought for me last Christmas that still needed to be ripped to my music collection and loaded onto my phone. While doing this, I discovered that iTunes had decided to hide my more recent ripped albums in a new place, so they had never arrived on the phone. The net result is that I have gone from about 2800 ripped tracks on the phone to over 3100.

I also discovered that my current phone / car combo will allow me to start playing songs from my phone when I start up the car, stop when I leave the car, and then pick up again when I return. This has led to me listening to a lot of tracks that I haven't heard in a long time.

So for those of you who are Luddites enough to keep downloaded ripped music on your phone or other music storage device, how about hitting shuffle on all tracks and letting us know title and artist for the next ten tracks to pop up? (If you only do streaming, I suppose you can shuffle your favorite streaming source instead. :) )

My list:

  • Fly Like An Eagle, The Steve Miller Band
  • Hard Time Losin' Man, Jim Croce
  • Evil Ways, Santana
  • The Borderline, Alabama
  • Remember Me My Friend, The Moody Blues
  • Growing Older But Not Up, Jimmy Buffett
  • Play the Game Tonight, Kansas
  • Lucille, Little Richard
  • Bobby's Girl, Marcia Blane
  • If She Knew What She Wants, The Bangles
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