Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Shuffling Paper

When I got to the pharmacy yesterday, I discovered that the discount card for one of Gretchen's prescriptions had expired, so I asked them to hold it until today. Last night, I printed out a new card, which I took in and which resulted in about a $60 savings, which is pretty noticeable.

In completely different news, at some point, I decided that if I brought new newspapers into the house instead of leaving them to pile up in the garage, I would be more likely to read them. It became apparent that this was a dismal failure when I looked at the mass of newspapers in a disorderly pile next to my chair. Last week, when I was cleaning, I picked them up and tossed them into a chair in the family room, which meant that I could clean, but that the chair was no longer fulfilling its function as a chair.

This week, I have actually read this week's newspapers, which is good, because I am paying way too much for this newspaper subscription for them to be nothing but kennel liner. I think I also "read" another eight or so papers that were in the chair -- "read" is a strong word for what's going on, as mostly I read the editorials, the interesting columnists, and the comics (and why is my Tuesday newspaper from the week of Thanksgiving *two* sections instead of *four*?), the news being stale at best -- which reduced the pile, but the chair is *still* not a chair, so I have more comics that I need to be reading.

I used to read my newspaper when I went out for lunch during the work week, but -- for obvious reasons -- that has not been so much of a thing lately. I understand that indoor dining is opening up again, but I think I will continue to take lunch at home for a while.

Still, I need to read the newspaper...
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