Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Capricon Dead Goat Filk Continues

I (and the rest of the Capricon committee, along with the Long (Distance) Play concom which is six hours in our future) have officially gone off duty for now, although the Virtual Capricon Dead Goat filk sing is now entering its eighth hour. :)

As the Capricon filk head, I would like to thank everyone who made this happen. This includes all of the people at Capricon who made the tech work, because without the tech, we would have been absolutely nowhere.

I would like to thank our guest of honor, Dr. Cacophonie Tamayo, who played a lot of great music, led panels and theme filks, and who I saw listening whenever I looked in the circle.

I'd like to thank our guest moderators for the open filk (U.S. side of the pond): Merav, Carole, Jesse, and Alyssa, who kept things running smoothly.

I would like to especially thank Xap, our Cafe head, for the incredible amount of work that she did to make the filk track run, as well as Pat, who worked with her to make all of these things happen.

And I would like to thank Lissa and Marilisa (as well as Annie) from Long (Distance) Play for being willing to work together with us across a wide ocean so that we could, with a minimum number of seams, produce a lot of filk programming for our fannish community.

And I would like to thank all of *you* for coming.

I am going to go to bed now. :)
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