Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


It was cold and snowing outside tonight, but we were also out of milk, which would be a really good thing to have tomorrow morning. And I really wanted something for dessert, because I have been working very hard for quite some time to *not* have dessert and I was really, really due.

The problem was that there was nothing that I could buy at Mariano's that I actually like enough to spend the calories on.

I could have, I suppose, driven out to Oberweis Dairy, bought a half-gallon of milk at the drive-through window, gotten a double chocolate malt, and consumed the malt on the way home. That would be a good plan.

If it wasn't so darned cold outside...

There was, however, a box of Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix that has been languishing in a cupboard for a while, and walnuts stored in the fridge. Putting things together, I stuck a pan of brownies into the oven before going to the store through the cold and snow.

At the store, I found 99-cent-per-pound pork shoulder, so tomorrow there will be pulled pork.

But tonight, there were brownies.

And they were lovely. :)
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