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Bill Roper

A More Productive Day

The cabinet order for the kitchen renovation has gone in and although it will be four weeks until the cabinets arrive, there is more to be done than packing away the current contents of the kitchen cabinets. We still needed to get tile for the backsplash, an undermount sink, and a new kitchen faucet. And maybe a new range hood, although I'm still waffling on that.

Gretchen has watched enough home shows that she is thoroughly tired of looking at subway tile and has no intention of letting it into our kitchen. After some negotiation, we agreed that some of the mosaic tile that consists of longish horizontal strips in interesting patterns would probably be a good choice. The trick was finding some. We spent some time browsing the Century Tile website and found some suitable candidates, but we really needed to go in and see them in person.

Texas Roadhouse is near the tile store and opens at 11 AM, so we headed there for an early lunch, figuring that beating any possible rush was a good strategy. This worked nicely and lunch was lovely. As we pulled in, I was reminded that there was another tile store in the same parking lot, so I suggested to Gretchen that I could run in and take a quick look at what they had.

Eep! The type of mosaic tile that we had been looking at started at $20 / sq. ft. and went up to double that amount. And even needing only 50 sq. ft. of tile for the kitchen, that was a whole lot of money. I retreated to the van and we headed on over to Century Tile.

The problem is that Gretchen's foot is bothering her; probably a recurrence of plantar fasciitis, so she wasn't up to much walking. We found the unpriced sample of the tile we'd found on line and took a look at it. While I went to look at some other things, Gretchen retreated to a chair by the door. Now, as we'd walked in, we'd seem some "not really right, but really cheap" blue mosaic tile for about $6.00 / sq. ft., which was much more reasonable. But I spent time casting back and forth down the displays where there was a lot of tile that was marked down to that $6.00 price, some of which was really similar to the tile we'd seen on line. I went up front and found Gretchen, who asked me to check the price of the tile we'd seen on line. The fellow at the store told us we wouldn't like the price and he was correct, as it was around $37 / sq. ft.

At this point, Gretchen came back to look at the tile I'd found. After looking at several candidates, we settled on a particular style and I took a picture of it with Gretchen's phone to catch the stock number. (I have no idea why I was using Gretchen's phone at that moment.) There was more tile on the wall near the design center, which had chairs, so we went up there to look at it and make a final decision. There was one tile on the wall which we decided we also liked quite a bit. I pulled out Gretchen's phone and compared the stock numbers.

It was the same tile. One was affixed to a black background, the other to a white background.

I guess we'd found the right tile. :)

There was a sale going on, so there was an additional 19% discount. With all that, we got the tile for $4.85 / sq. ft. It'll be in on Monday and Gretchen can pick it up along with the grout and thinset.

Then it was off to Home Depot. Gretchen sent me in with her recommendations from the website for faucets. I wandered up and down the faucet aisle and my eye was eventually caught by the Kohler Sous in stainless steel to match the sink. I texted Gretchen a picture and she allowed that it was a bit industrial, but definitely had character. I then picked up the two bowl sink that I'd found in on line browsing and called it a shopping day.

So we now have a lot of stuff for the kitchen.

Boxes! I should get boxes!
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