Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Ice, Ice, Baby

Much of today could have been sold for scrap, but there was some progress on the refrigerator front.

After decanting the contents of the fridge and freezer into coolers (and thankfully, it is winter and cold in the garage), we let the fridge stand open and thaw out thoroughly. While open, Gretchen and I cleaned it from top to bottom, because a few too many things have spilled in there during the last year, most notably the great maple syrup spill on the top shelf.

When we finally got to head out to grab some lunch around 3 PM (see: day, sold for scrap), I was ready to restart the refrigerator. By 6 PM, it had chilled up nicely and I started loading the refrigerator; later in the evening, Gretchen reloaded the freezer, discarding a few things like the carefully dated five-year-old package of sliced sirloin.

We will now see if we can keep the refrigerator running.
Tags: home, musings, refrigerator, repair

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