Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Pulled Pork & Beans Pie

We had leftover pulled pork in the fridge and Gretchen was in the mood to experiment. The other day, we started tossing ideas back and forth and came up with the following recipe. I acquired the ingredients from the grocery store and she put it together. It came out well -- it was *definitely* tasty.

All amounts are subject to change. :)

Gretchen prepared one box of Jiffy Corn Muffin mix, adding a drained can of Green Giant Steam Fresh Crisp Niblets Corn to the mix, and baked it until almost done in the bottom of a casserole dish at 400 degrees. While that was baking, she took a saucepan and added the remaining pulled pork, diced into smaller chunks as required, along with a can of pork and beans. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce was added to taste. (Your BBQ sauce may vary. We used pork and beans instead of baked beans of any variety, because that made it easier to control the seasoning.)

The almost-baked casserole dish of cornbread was removed from the oven. The remaining space in the dish was filled with the pulled pork and bean mixture, then topped with a generous portion of shredded cheddar jack cheese. The cheese was then sprinkled liberally with french fried onions.

The casserole dish was returned to the oven for six minutes at 400 degrees, which finished the bread and made the french fried onions nicely crispy.

The results were pronounced yummy.
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