Bill Roper's Journal
Countdown - 3 
5th-Apr-2021 11:01 pm
As of today, there were three days left until the kitchen renovation begins. Ack!

Gretchen packed a lot of stuff out today. Over lunch, we dropped off three more boxes of stuff with Goodwill, which gets them out of our way and (we hope) on their way to someone who will want them.

This evening, we packed a big box of dishes that we won't be using for the next bit. And I packed two boxes of foodstuffs from the cabinets, which greatly reduced the number of things in there. I found about ten different expired cans and bottles which will *not* be getting packed. Oh, look! Here's the unopened, very old can of Crisco from when I thought we were going to make pie crust from scratch...

Tomorrow, the cabinets are being delivered to my half of the garage to stage them for installation.

There is *still* too much stuff left to pack, but the mountain is being moved.
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