Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Time to Rearrange

I expect to hear back from the contractor on Monday and we'll discuss exactly how to fix things up in the kitchen. I don't think any of this will be particularly difficult to sort out, but we'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, Gretchen and I started unpacking some things into various cabinets. The drawers are off-limits until the countertops arrive, but there are a lot of upper and lower cabinets (most of which are not under threat of being moved) that can be filled with stuff. We have a lot of stuff, although less than we did a few weeks ago.

The lower section of the pantry has lovely pull-out drawers now and they are filled with cereal, bottles, cans, and boxes of food. Things will probably move around for a while, but this is a good start. The chips and alcohol are on the first fixed shelf in the pantry, which is where the chips were before, while the alcohol has moved up one level and parted company with the cereal.

The main dishes are in a whole new cabinet, because that's pretty much the only place where they will fit comfortably. The mugs may go to join them there, but they remain in hiding somewhere. The pull out drawers on the left side of the stove are now full of pots and pans. The spice collection seems to have remained where it was, but has now pretty much taken over the first shelf of the narrower cabinet there.

Gretchen regrets the new corner cabinets, but I have not yet begun to store things away there. If I manage to use them efficiently, it will make everything look better. If I don't, well, there's the rub.

And I have acquired some lovely three-inch nickel handles for the cabinet doors, which should greatly improve our ability to open them up. :) There are advantages to using Amazon Prime sometimes.
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