Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Bits and Pieces

Got up early today for softball practice. The second half was a scrimmage with one of the other local teams, which was a good learning experience for everyone.

Ordered a new garbage disposal from Home Depot. Went to pick it up and discovered that they had canceled the order, because it was out of stock. They had called the home phone while I was out to tell us this instead of sending an email; then when I went to check status on the email it said that *I* had canceled the order. I suggested -- in my capacity as a customer and a professional programmer -- that the UI for this left something to be desired. I went to check and there were none of this disposal on the shelf, so I ended up buying a more expensive one after determining that I wasn't about to get one cheaper anywhere else. Ah, well.

Yesterday, I checked online and found that the minivan that I have been stalking is back on sale again, the rebates having returned. Gretchen still isn't up for replacing the current minivan, so this was simply a matter of keeping current. In a no-doubt totally unrelated event, last night I dreamed that our current minivan had broken down and was venting steam through the *roof*.

The batteries in the children have completely worn out and they are both asleep as far as I can tell.

Must be time to go to bed. :)
Tags: cars, home, kids, kitchen, musings, renovation, softball

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