Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Mother's Day

No Marcon this weekend, so for the second consecutive year, I was home for Mother's Day.

Unlike last year, going to a restaurant was an option, so I arranged with Gretchen to arrive at one of our local places just after they opened, thereby beating the rush. It was a lovely lunch.

Back at home, we unpacked several more boxes back into the new cabinets, moving things around as required. There's still more unpacking to do -- and more things that need to leave the house -- but the end is in sight.

The one annoying thing that we've discovered is that the new drawers are a fraction of an inch less deep than the old drawers, which means that some of the things that fit before the renovation will not fit now. But we'll figure it out.

Tags: home, kitchen, mother's day, musings, renovation

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