Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Wiring It Up

We are now in the final phases of the kitchen renovation. There's a small bit of trim and some spackling and touch up painting that needs to be done in areas that used to be covered with tile, but which are no longer so. Also, the phone jack and one outlet need an additional piece of mosaic tile cemented in so that an outlet cover will fit over them, while there's one double switch outlet that needs a tiny bit of tile chiseled out to give us good access to the fourth mounting hole for the switch.

All of the other outlets are now wired up, courtesy of some spacers and longer screws that I picked up at Home Depot, plus a fair amount of patience. This means that we can start to move things back onto most of the kitchen counters.

As we approach the end, I gain a better understanding of asymptotes...
Tags: home, kitchen, musings, renovation

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